Scale your technology without hiring a new team!

DMWare deliver a combination of strategic vision, expertise and practical solutions tailored to your specific business needs that fetch you the best outcomes.

Here’s how we help you scale your
technology without hiring a new team

We help you transform your legacy architecture without disruption
We expand, mentor and upskill your existing team
We Optimize you cloud setup for cost and efficiency
We save you time & money in innovative ways

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Migrated from older platform to Django, scaled 5x
Developed in-house ad platform, 3x lower costs
Scaled their image serving web service, 4x more efficient

We’ve been scaling technology for clients across the globe

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Software management

We develop end-to-end solutions from strategy to design, development, testing and deployment using proven methodologies and excellent practices. Our risk-based approach to software development focuses on problem solving, and also offers the ability to scale easily, saving you time and money.

Hire & manage remote teams

In the new normal, remote working has taken precedence in every organisation. DMware ensures that security and access to data is thoroughly taken care of, so that your employees’ productivity and efficiency aren’t interrupted.

Legacy system migration to micro services

Modernise your old IT systems to a new, cloud-based infrastructure in a quick, secured and hassle-free manner with our intelligently planned legacy system migration strategy.

Software architecture and scaling

We take a holistic approach in developing an optimal software architecture which provides maximum performance and extensibility for your applications in the long term. We always meet the scaling and robustness requirements of our clients, design & implement superior quality, scalable, and reliable systems at varying phases of maturity

Cloud management & DevOps

We envision and plan industry-specific cloud solutions so that you benefit the most from it. From migration to implementation to cloud management, our cloud solutions are designed to align seamlessly with your objectives, so that your business can realise its full potential and achieve optimum results.

Product management

We ensure that your business achieves success every day. That’s why, our experts build unique product strategies that match with your business model and generate the desired revenue. Our expertise ranges from strategy & market research to building prototypes and monitoring the analytics for the product.

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