Remote team building activities to try


Create a virtual office/ break room 

The single most consequential distinction between remote and internal teams is the face-to-face contact they have. These occur naturally in the office that you might not think of them, but they are substantial team-building blocks. 

Thankfully, you can recreate it remotely. There are several options to facilitate this kind of team building.  

First, you can set up a virtual office. This is where the team logs on in the morning and typically works via video. In other words, casual conversations flow while the team is working, and employees can feel motivated to see each other working hard.  

If you don’t think this option is suitable for your team (for example, if it’s too big), you can try a virtual break room.  This is where team members can log in, attend lunches and tea breaks, and catch up as if they were in the office.  

For these efforts to work, team managers must encourage their use. This makes the virtual space feel like a community and become part of a regular remote workday. 

Start doing tours of remote working location  

A great way to get to know someone better is to take a quick look inside their house.  

Before the weekly meeting, ask team members to take turns on a short tour of their home or remote workspace using video. Whether it’s an impressive Disney DVD collection or a beloved guitar, pointing out some of your favorite items at home will help you depict who that person is.  

These tours help team members get to know each other better and connect their mutual interests. It also connects the team further and gives a little comfort on the day of work.  

Hold virtual company events 

When everyone gets together at a company-wide event or conference, the company feels like a team. So, don’t miss these from your remote schedule.  

Virtual enterprise events need to execute them in the same way as physical events. You will have the opportunity to ask agendas, organizers, various speakers, and questions. The only difference is that everyone participates via video.  

This helps get a company’s staff together and creates a sense of pride and motivation to work with the company.  

Start a “good news” conversation 

It can work remotely and lonely, and sometimes you need a bit of work-related good news to brighten your day.  

By creating a “good news” conversation channel, we provide team members with a way to share what happened to them and make them happy. For example, colleagues could share that they were able to feed their toddlers vegetables after a long period of resistance or that someone had just played a great song, and it made them feel better.  

Whatever it is, sharing good news can trigger great conversations, and when teams celebrate each other’s little successes, they can feel more intimate.  

Encourage recognition  

One of the main benefits of being part of a team is to keep you moving forward with the support of team members, in combination with celebrating your achievements. However, if the teams are separated, they will not thank them directly and need to be trained. 

Having a rewards and awards platform is a great way to ensure that awards are part of your daily life. On our recognition platform, gratitude from colleagues is as meaningful as praise from your boss so that anyone can participate in a good job celebration.  

When employees celebrate and appreciate each other’s efforts, it brings the team together no matter where they are.